• Generate Energy for All

  • Clean Up Industrial Waste

  • Combat Climate Change

Who We Are

GREE designs and provides biogas solutions that transform food processing waste into clean energy and new resources. Hamparan, our first project in operation since December 2020, is one of the largest biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia. With a portfolio of over 50 projects, we are expanding our business and its positive impacts on people and the planet.
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800,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced per year, equivalent to the emissions of 370,000 people


200 GWh clean energy produced, enough to supply 250,000 people with clean and reliable energy


100,000 tonnes of wastewater treated per year, equal to domestic wastewater produced by 5 million population equivalent 



In the absence of oxygen, microorganisms break down organic matter and clean troublesome wastewater by producing biogas - a highly valuable hydrocarbon. This wastewater treatment technology through anaerobic digestion was first developed in the 30s. Due to pressure from environmental-related legislation, it became a mainstream option in developed countries. Since early 2000s, it has become a proven and well-established technology for energy generation. Biogas electricity generation has increased dramatically in European Union countries reaching 62.5 TWh in 2016, around a quarter of the electricity consumed in Indonesia that year.
Why Biogas?


  • "This cooperation (between PLN & GREE) shows the commitment of PT PLN Distribution Lampung to acquire electricity from Independent Power Producers to help meet Lampung Province’s electricity needs. We expect to build a successful and long lasting partnership with GREE."

    M Irwansyah Putra

    General Manager, PT PLN (Persero) Distribution Lampung (2016)
  • "We're excited to have GREE join our incubation portfolio! Symbior's experience in the development of renewable energy businesses in Southeast Asia and in the bioenergy sector, together with the talent and drive of GREE's team sets the stage for yet another success story."

    Hugo DesRosiers

    CEO, Symbior Energy
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