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At Gree Energy, we are driven to decarbonize the food industry.

To accelerate the net zero transition, we develop, build, finance and operate biogas-to-energy projects in partnership with food processing facilities. From feasibility studies, operations & maintenance services, green financing to carbon credit development, we empower the food industry to unlock the full power of biogas.

A uniquely integrated one-stop shop solution.

At Gree Energy, we develop the entire biogas project from start to finish for the food processors including planning and building the biogas plant, financing it, generating multiple applications of the biogas and creating diverse revenue streams.

Biogas has a multitude of applications, from electricity, heat, fuel to natural fertilizers but also multiple impacts on clean water, climate change and rural development. However, many biogas initiatives in emerging countries focus on a singular output delivering scattered and limited results. By comprehensively and holistically integrating the full spectrum of biogas’ offerings, our model delivers on the full potential of biogas Our approach produces more robust assets for more people, clean energy, clean water, carbon credits, natural fertilizers, creating a more systemic impact while generating high returns from the diverse revenue streams.

How do we work with you to achieve your goals?

Food Processors

Meet your environmental compliance targets, save energy costs, and get reliable waste treatment technologies.

Carbon Credit Buyers

Access high quality and independently verified carbon credits that permanently cuts the methane emissions of food systems

Project Investors

Build a scalable portfolio of clean energy assets that fights climate change and improves people’s standard of living in emerging countries.

This innovative mobilization allows us to produce more robust assets for more people - clean energy, clean water, carbon credits, natural fertilizers - creating a more systemic impact while generating high returns from the diverse revenue streams the model creates.

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Gree Energy workers

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