Hamparan Project Achieved Commercial Operation Date

January 8, 2021

Lampung, Indonesia – Hamparan Project, GREE New Energy’s proof of concept, has achieved Commercial Operation Date (COD) on 20th December 2020. The project is a 20 year partnership of GREE Energy Limited, PT Hamparan Bumi Mas Abadi (HBMA – Group of Kapal Api), a large tapioca starch manufacturer, Cenergi, a Khazanah Nasional’s subsidiary specialised in renewable energy in Malaysia, and PLN, the national utility provider. The biogas-to-energy plant is located in Terbanggi Ilir village in Lampung, Sumatera, Indonesia.

Hamparan biogas-to-energy plant, with 3 MW capacity (Photo credit: Bimo Oetomo/GREE)

Since 20th December 2020, the biogas-to-energy plant is fully operational supplying green energy to PT PLN’s grid. With an installed capacity of 3 MW, Hamparan is one of the largest biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia to date.

Aerial view of Hamparan Project (Photo credit: Bimo Oetomo/GREE)

The Hamparan project will generate more than 18 GWh of electricity per year and supply 19 villages with clean and reliable energy in Lampung Tengah, Sumatra, Indonesia. This is enough to provide electricity for more than 37,000 people. The project will reduce around 65,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year by capturing the methane gas emitted by the food processing facility’s wastewater and by substituting dirty energy on the local grid.

This success paves the way for the development of GREE’s biogas solutions at a large scale in Indonesia and 4 new facilities currently in development. GREE strives to fight climate change by scaling biogas solutions that turn agro-food industry waste into valuable resources for people and for planet.