OUR IMPACTWe fight climate change and deliver clean air, clean water and clean energy.

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Gree Energy biogas impact

We develop, build and finance dependable and profitable biogas projects across Southeast Asia that significantly reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and create sustainable change for local communities.


Our impact thus far

Climate Change

Food systems are responsible for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. In Indonesia, primary food processors’ wastewater emit 50 million tonnes of CO2eq per year which is equivalent to the pollution from 10 million cars. Gree Energy captures methane emissions from industrial wastewater, a greenhouse gas that is 84 times more potent than CO2 over the next two decades. We then use such recovered methane to generate renewable electricity and fuel solutions. Installing an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant and a biogas to energy facility can reduce a food processor’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

Our impact to date:

  • 30,327 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced per year (equivalent to removing 6,600 cars from the road every year).
Gree Energy clean water
Gree Energy clean water

Clean Water

In Indonesia, 75% of rivers in Indonesia are seriously polluted. Primary food processors in Indonesia generate nearly 320 million population-equivalent of industrial wastewater. Our solutions remove 97%+ of the pollution load contained in this industrial wastewater.

Our impact to date:

  • 286,546 population-equivalent of industrial wastewater treated*

*Population equivalent (in waste-water monitoring and treatment) refers to the amount of oxygen—demanding substances whose oxygen consumption during biodegradation equals the average oxygen demand of the waste water produced by one person. For practical calculations, it is assumed that one unit equals 54 grams of BOD per 24 hours. (Glossary of Environment Statistics, Studies in Methods, Series F, No. 67, United Nations, New York, 1997).

Gree Energy clean water
Gree Energy girl portrait
Gree Energy girl portrait

Clean Energy

Millions of households in Indonesia experience electricity shortage, unpredictable power outages and unstable connections, especially in rural areas. In parallel, fossil fuels account for more than 90% of Indonesia’s total primary energy supply, with coal as the main contributor.

Biogas-to-energy can provide continuous power and/or fuel solutions supply all year long. Indonesia has an untapped biogas-to-energy potential of 30 TWh, enough to supply 30 million people with clean and reliable energy in rural areas.

Our impact to date:

  • 10.1 GWh of electricity supplied to local grid per year, enough to supply 18,000 people
  • 19 villages reached

Sustainable Development Goals

Gree Energy empowers the food industry in emerging countries to cut methane emissions, treat wastewater, and create opportunities for clean energy in underserved rural communities. We adopt measurable and verified ESG metrics to report activities, results and impacts transparently.

Sustainable development goals reached through biogas

We believe in developing long-term sustainable biogas projects. To lead our vision we have established policies as a compass to the way we create impact and provide value for our stakeholders.

Policies and Reports

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