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July 24, 2019
Groundbreaking of Hamparan project

In November 2018, the breaking ground of Hamparan project started with dredging of the site.

December 21, 2016
Press Release - PT PLN

GREE signs Power Purchase Agreement with the Indonesian state-owned power utility (PT PLN) for 2.5 MW biogas-to-energy project in Lampung. 

November 30, 2015
Press Release - Symbior

GREE closes latest funding round and enters Symbior Energy incubation program to accelerate the development of its project pipeline in Southeast Asia.

October 15, 2014
Press Release - FFEM

GREE gets support from the FFEM’s FISP-Climate initiative, the French innovation plan to encourage the development of green technologies and fight climate change in developing countries.

September 4, 2014
Press Release - UK AID AFD

GREE and Agence Française de Développement enter into a partnership to develop the Hamparan biogas-to-energy project in Lampung, Sumatera, Indonesia.

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