Hamparan Project

The Hamparan Project is a partnership between GREE Energy and a large tapioca starch manufacturer in Central Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia. The project treats the wastewater of a food factory producing tapioca flour to generate biogas. The biogas will be purified and valorized as electricity.

Starting in 2020, the Hamparan project is expected to produce 18 GWh of electricity exported to the electricity grid of PLN, the State-Owned Enterprise holding a mandate from the government to hold business of electricity for public consumption.

The installed capacity is 3 MW, making it one of the largest biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia to date, exporting green energy to the grid.


In operation, since December 2020



Climate Change

65,000 total tons of CO2 reduced per year

Energy for All

37,000 total people reached with 18 GWh clean energy

Clean Water

3,600 tonnes of BOD5 removed per year



Your opinion matters

Contact us at sustainability@gree-energy.com if you have any feedback on the project.