The project is a partnership with Bumitama Group, a palm oil company listed in Singapore. The mill has been operational since 2009, employing almost 4,000 workers. There are 10 smallholder groups that supply fresh fruit bunch to the mill.

The Problem

The problems faced by the surrounding communities and businesses are:

  • Unstable electricity and frequent outages result in loss of productivity for the industries and damages electrical appliances of surrounding communities.
  • Vast amount of the methane emissions as the wastewater treatment was done through open lagoons, as a result, releasing all methane emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Hydrogen sulfide is a hazardous gas and exposure may cause ocular, respiratory, neurological, metabolic and reproductive effects.


Project Updates

Stakeholder consultation has started since November 2021 and is currently ongoing.ongoing
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Positive impact is at the core of everything we do to create real benefits to the people & planet.

Gree Energy is B Corp certified and meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. Our team has decades of combined experience in carbon emission expertise and resilient and regenerative food supply chains. We use world class industry standards including VCS, IFC PS, IRIS+, and SDG and our business model is supported by prominent international development agencies and organizations such as SCAF, FFEM, AFD, UKAID and IRENA.

Riam project Sustainable Development Goals
Gree Energy SDG no poverty
Gree Energy SDG good health and well being
Gree Energy SDG clean water and sanitation
Gree Energy SDG affordable and clean energy
Gree Energy SDG decent work and economic growth
Gree Energy SDG industry, innovation and infrastructure
Gree Energy SDG responsible consumption and production
Gree Energy SDG climate action

Did you know the Riam Project will reduce 51,000 tons of CO2 eq per year?