At GREE, we believe in the power of collaboration in unlocking the full potential of biogas to deliver positive impacts for people and the planet.

As GREE advances its plans in the construction of the Riam & Pundu biogas projects,  public feedback, during planning and through construction and operation will become an important cornerstone in the success and long term sustainability of these projects.

Biogas to energy solutions bring multiple benefits to the environment and people. From delivering clean energy to communities in need to the elimination of toxic fumes released into the air, these impacts touch upon an array of communities, interest groups, and supply chain actors that have a say to shape the development of biogas to energy solutions in the region.

To facilitate public participation in GREE’s biogas projects, we are inviting an array of stakeholders to participate in our virtual consultations through direct invitation or by filling in this stakeholder consultation feedback form to share their feedback or concerns directly to the GREE team.

The objective of GREE’s virtual stakeholder consultation forums are meant to discuss and to get feedback on the potential social, economic and environmental impacts and the benefits the proposed biogas projects brings to the surrounding local communities.


Stakeholder Consultation of Hamparan Project (2016)

Information related to the proposed projects are available for viewing here.

Through these dialogues, we envision a future of biogas that delivers everlasting impacts for the communities and stakeholders we serve.

Further information on the stakeholder consultations meetings may be obtained by contacting GREE’s sustainability team at .