Who We Are

GREE New Energy develops, finances, builds and operates biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia. Hamparan, our first project, is one of the largest grid-connected biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia.

Our Vision

Generating today, the energy of tomorrow.

GREE was founded in 2013 by Nicolas Stirer with the aim to combat climate change and improve access to energy in rural areas. By connecting biogas technology to the renewable energy market, GREE creates a business model that delivers more than just profit.

Humanity is in a critical situation. To ensure the global temperature rise will not exceed 2°C(1) globally, a 33% of oil reserves, 50% of gas reserves and 80% of coal reserves should remain unused from 2010 to 2050(2).

There are issues with the way we live on our planet and we believe we should act now. By partnering and engaging various stakeholders from food factory, local government, state-owned electricity company (PLN), international organizations, smallholder farmers to local communities; we aim to generate clean and reliable electricity, treat wastewater effectively and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

1. Based on moderate UN scenarios
2. Based on Nature, The Journal Science, 8th January 2015

Our Mission

Leading the shift towards green distributed energy

We are inspired by the desire to shape the future and to contribute in addressing the global challenges of climate change, energy affordability and security of energy supply.

Setting the benchmark

We deliver investment-grade, industry-leading projects. Grounded in reality, our business model must be profitable and economically sustainable to crowd in the huge investments necessary to create the desirable and sustainable future.

Delivering together

We partner with our suppliers and customers, leveraging sustainable business practices. The promise of sustainable development is most fully realized when participation extends to people of all backgrounds and perspectives.

Contributing to economic growth without draining the planet’s resources

We create more value out of fewer natural resources. By turning waste into energy, our focus on biogas-to-energy is an excellent example of our “lean thinking” and “value creation” models.

Why Biogas?

Reduce your carbon footprint: methane capture reduces the CO2 emissions from crude palm oil processing by 55-80%
Provide cleaner, reliable and affordable power to the surrounding local communities and/or your factory
Open up new market opportunities by complying with international environmental regulations
Clean troublesome wastewater and turn it into energy and fertilizers
Capitalise on a well-established and robust technology: more than 17,000 biogas plants are in operation in the European Union

Why Choose Gree?

Whether you want to upgrade your existing biogas plant or investigate new ways to treat and valorise your effluents, we are the partner of choice to turn your waste into value.
We offer an integrated solution: design, procurement, construction management, financing and O&M services
We have successfully signed a long-term PPA, closed 3rd party financing and built a biogas-to-energy power plant as an independent power producer in Indonesia
You benefit from our 5 years of technology development to integrate the most performant, safe and reliable technology into the most affordable biogas solution in Indonesia
We use proven technology from major original equipment manufacturers that comply with the strictest environmental and safety constraints
You can focus on your company’s core activities and manage your business capital better


The Most Innovative Business Model in the Field of Climate Change (2014)

Quality of Business Plan and Execution, as a Key Actor in Climate Action in Indonesia (2014)

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