GREE Energy was founded in 2013 with the aim to combat climate change and improve access to clean energy in rural areas. GREE Energy develops, finances, builds and operates biogas-to-energy projects in Indonesia

Support and Recognition

The Most Innovative Business Model in the Field of Climate Change (2014)

Quality of Business Plan and Execution, as a Key Actor in Climate Action in Indonesia (2014)

Innovative Low Carbon Projects in Developing Countries of Asia (2021)

One of the World’s Most Innovative Sustainable Technology Companies (2021)


We strive to fight climate change by scaling profitable biogas solutions that transform agro-food industry waste into valuable resources for people and the planet.

In emerging countries, food production causes massive greenhouse gas emissions as a result of inadequate wastewater treatment. In Indonesia, where we work, we estimate that the agro-food industry produces water pollution equivalent to the domestic wastewater from at least 185 million persons, and emits about 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year - equivalent to the emissions of more than 10 million cars.

GREE Energy designs and provides biogas-to-energy solutions that not only treat industrial wastewater and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also turn these environmental liabilities into clean energy, organic fertilisers and other commodities for rural communities. Our value creation model powers local economies and generates substantial returns for our investors, which enables us to scale our impact even further.

We intend to build upon our mission and maximise our impact on the wellbeing of the communities we serve in South-East Asia, and continue to do our part in the world’s fight against climate change.


To create the most compelling biogas company by powering local economies and unlocking the full impact potential of biogas solutions

Despite many initiatives to promote biogas in South-East Asia, their individual, specific focus often means scattered and limited results. By integrating multiple aspects of biogas solutions into our projects, we address the needs of different stakeholders and incentivise them to act together. This innovative mobilisation allows us to produce more robust assets for more people - electricity, water, carbon credits, organic fertilisers, process heat, and biomethane - creating a more systemic impact while generating attractive returns from the diverse revenue streams the model creates.



800,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced per year, equivalent to the emissions produced by 170,000 cars


200 GWh produced, enough to supply 400,000 people with clean and reliable energy


100,000 tonnes of BOD5 pollution removed per year, equivalent to the water pollution generated by 12 million people

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